Radio Interview with Sara Wallace: What to do About Santa

Hi, Moms!

The Santa post has created quite a stir. Thank you to everyone for participating in the discussion. 

If you would like to hear more in-depth discussion on the topic from me, the author, check out the radio interview I did for Naomi’s Table. Naomi’s Table is an awesome radio ministry that encourages women all over the world to dig into God’s Word.  

The interview is available for streaming and downloading at the bottom of the text. Also be sure to check out the other resources Naomi’s Table has to offer including radio Bible studies and an online G+ prayer and study group.

I hope you are blessed by the interview. Any additional thoughts on the topic? Chime in and let’s encourage each other. 

In Christ,
Sara Wallace

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6 thoughts on “Radio Interview with Sara Wallace: What to do About Santa

  1. Stephen BawdenDecember 24, 2014 at 10:01 AM
    I read your original Santa posits and found it very interesting. However, I do disagree and think Santa is a fun part of a fun season. Here are my thoughts on each point…

    1. Santa doesn't promote works righteousness – think of it, despite the song Santa ends up giving gifts every Christmas despite how naughty children have been. What a good picture of grace! Further to this, a) God does judge people on being naughty without Jesus b) It's good for children to understand the concept of being morally good and morally naughty, God made us this way, c) rewards are an under taught part of Christian living but Jesus, Paul and others in the New Testament certainly speak of it. … Why not instead use the story of Santa to teach that we are all actually naughty, and need Christ's death for forgiveness.

    2. Santa doesn't blur the lines between fact and fantasy any more than a TV programme or kids film (Disney), or a fairy tale or story. Kids have big imaginations, a gift from God, and that should be fed. They love dressing up and make believe and see the world in an amazing way. To follow the blog completely (re. the emotional picture of kids climbing on your laps) means that you either only read fantasy stories and never read the bible stories in this way to your kids, or the other way round. This seems silly to me! Kids are kids and using their imagination is not a bad thing. As kids get older they realise this and stop believing in tinker bell, the red power ranger and Santa Claus. What we need to do as parents is not stop the fantasy imagination side, but rather keep reinforcing that the God stuff is true and actually happened in history. If a kid ever asks – is Santa true? Then of course let them know, but before then it is a perfect place for them to explore using the amazing mind God has given them! I think there is a danger of over thinking this!

    3. Santa is definitely not a type of God! He isn't omnipotent, because he needs help from reindeers and magic dust. He isn't omnipresent because he has to do his delivering over one night (he's just fast). He isn't omniscient because children have to write him letters. He isn't eternal because he had an origin in European history. He isn't perfect anymore than any other good guy – Cinderella, Spider-Man, Mufasa … and in fact he eats too much, breaks and enters houses, and is partial to an alcoholic beverage. This is silly, REALLY silly. All fantasy characters that are goodies have strong God-like qualities, that's kind of the point! What a great way to teach kids that there is such a thing as good, images of God that they are! Otherwise would someone please ban road runner for walking on water!

    4. It is hard to compete with Santa – it's hard to compete with almost every kids toy, kids story, kids film, kids programme, the park, etc. etc. THATS OUR JOB AS CHRISTIAN PARENTS! Jesus is amazing, and we help kids to see that. Mind you – not just for Christmas Day. I'd prefer my kids to remember him the whole year through. He wasn't born at Christmas, and I'm not sure he's so bothered that society pretends to remember him at this time of year – he probably actually detests it.

    Anyway, they are my thoughts… I think Santa and the magic of Christmas is a great way of getting kids to use their imagination and take part in this great game that the grown ups play with them! let kids be kids… They will grow up to see it is fantasy and not resent you. Worry less about stopping teaching the fun of Santa and more about teaching the truth of Jesus!

    Anyway, hope you have a blessed and gospel centred Christmas!


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