Gay Marriage: A Mom’s Perspective

As a mom news hits me differently than it used to. Honestly, for the most part I don’t have time (or desire) to keep up with it. My husband fills me in on what I need to know. But every once in awhile it’s unavoidable. If you’re like me, when you heard about our country’s latest judicial act about homosexual marriage (note: original article published June 2015) you felt a knot deep down in the pit of your stomach. I looked out at my kids squealing and splashing in their wading pool in the backyard. I looked at my wedding picture above the fireplace. It seemed so unfair. Why do they have to grow up in a world where evil will be paraded in front of their faces at every turn? Where sin isn’t dressed in the easily recognizable horns and a pitchfork, but is disguised as light? I’ve thought several times throughout the day today, “What kind of a world will they grow up in?” 

But I am not the first mom to think that. I also won’t be the last. Do you know who else probably had the same thought? Eve. And moms in every generation after her. When we fear what our kids will face on this earth it means we have become too comfortable here. We want to make heaven for our kids here and now. We can’t do that, moms. 

And we’re not supposed to. 

Have we forgotten the guarantee from Jesus? “In this world you WILL have trouble (John 16:33).” We can actually be encouraged when we see trials rushing at our faith because we look to the Lord and say, “Oh, yeah. This is what You were talking about. This is another one of Your promises being fulfilled right in front of my eyes.” 

But it gets better. Our trouble has a purpose:

“So that the proof of your faith, being more precious than gold which is perishable, even though tested by fire, may be found to result in praise and glory and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ (1 Peter 1:7).” 

There is something so much greater than our kids’ comfort, moms. It’s their faith. But their faith cannot come forth as gold without the fires of refinement. Fire is a necessary part of the process. If God has saved them, we don’t have to fear that their faith won’t be able to withstand the evil of this world. Sometimes I picture myself planting precious, fragile seeds of faith in my kids. Then I look up and see the world like a giant bulldozer, revving its engine and threatening to destroy with one swoop the work I’ve labored over all of their lives. 

But that picture is so wrong. 

Faith that is wrought in God will stand firm until the end. I’m not the one who causes growth. God is. And that bulldozer? It’s under His control, too. Satan cannot destroy true faith. His tactics will ultimately strengthen and refine it.

In fact, based on what our children might face in the coming years, it is very possible that the next generation of Christians will be stronger than this one. Lukewarm faith will not survive. Complacency won’t be an option. 

Moms, one day we will be in the Promised Land. This isn’t it. Live like this is your temporary home. Pray that God will save your kids. Give them an armory full of effective weapons by teaching them His Word. Thank Him for His promise to refine His church through fire. Rest knowing that God has never forsaken His people and He never will. How does that passage from John 16:33 about trouble end?  

“Take heart! I have overcome the world.” 

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16 thoughts on “Gay Marriage: A Mom’s Perspective

  1. Dear Gospel-Centered Mom:

    I have news for you. Good news! Gay people will now be able to enjoy the same dignities and securities that civil marriage has long bestowed upon non-gay couples. I got a good laugh out of reading that you somehow think this is evil, or that it means gay people will now be parading their gayness around and infecting you and your children with it. I mean, it's pretty funny in this day and age, when people are supposed to know better by virtue of stuff like, you know, education and progress, that you would equate homosexuality with sin, or be so sad for your children because the evilness of it all must mean they will live life in an unfair world that treats THEM as if they are bad people because they equate gayness with evil. It's so funny it's positively ironic, know what I mean? That you would write about how sad you are for your children because life is now going to be so unfair to straight people, when in fact the recent Supreme Court ruling implies nothing of the sort. (And by the way, FYI, if you don't want to sound like an illiterate dolt when you discuss these matters, you should know that the ruling is NOT “our country's latest legislative act.” CONGRESS legislates, dear gospel-centered mom; the Supreme Court decides whether or not the legislation enacted by Congress is legal and in compliance with our national charter, which is the Constitution of the United States. I hope this helps.) I guess what I'm trying to say is that you really have nothing to fear from the recent ruling; all it means is that gay people can now marry each other legally, and that their marriages will be recognized in every state in the land. Hey, that makes a lot more sense to me than gay people marrying straight people! Then I really WOULD be worried, lol.

    Oh, gospel-centered mom, you are so funny. Being gay is not a choice: I challenge you to name me one gay person – do you know any? I'm betting you do, and that they are all pretty nice people – who “chooses” to be gay. Your children are in no danger of being infected with “the gayness,” although one or more of them may turn out to BE gay just because through the grace of your god, that's the way they were born. Well, like I said, being gay is not a choice; but being kind is. The real evil is not gayness or homosexuality or lesbianism or transgenderism; it's unkindness. No one chooses to be gay, but we can all choose to be kind. I choose kindness, and I wish no less for you and your children. And for everyone else too.


  2. This is exactly how I feel too! I was starting to think I was the only one. Thank you for being brave enough to post this (I see you have already met the expected opposition)!


  3. I so very much agree with you, and Gospel-centered mom, God help you if your child comes to you one day and tells you he/she loves someone of the same sex, although with your attitude, they may never, and how sad, that they may have to lie and go through many relationships and maybe marry the wrong person and never get to find the love of their live all bc their Mom couldnt understand the true meaning of love, I will pray for your children


  4. Perry Barber,
    Your comment about being an illiterate dolt was unkind and rude. I didn't read anything in her post about choosing or not chosing to have same sex attraction or anything about being unkind to gays… I think you are mostly upset because she called it sin, and in that she is simply reflecting what God said in the Bible. You can read it for yourself. It is associated with adultery, fornication, etc… Being tempted is not a sin, but lusting and commiting indecent acts IS a sin.


  5. and what if one day you will adopt as a gay couple a child …and a pedophile will come and say: “I am so sorry, I really had no choice but to have sex with your adopted child, I was born like this, so don't be mad at me, be kind, please choose to be kind, I am also a citizen of the USA and I will fight till they will recognize my right to have sex with your child”. This is the next step. The Bible says it clearly that homosexuality is sin. Is a sin against the body, just like having sex outside the marriage (between a man and a woman). Read Romans 1.
    And for you as an individual, there is still hope while still on earth to be forgiven for your sins. I pray that God will open your eyes so that you will see that this is a sin and bring regeneration in your life. And also now that my reply to your post is an act of love towards you just as it is to correct my children from something I know it will destroy them. Be blessed.


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