The Phonics Museum: A Review of the New Phonics Program from Veritas Press!

Veritas Press Phonics Museum: Review
I’m more excited than usual to start our homeschool year. That’s because one of my biggest problems has been solved. As a teacher-mom of multiple grade levels, including non-readers, it has always been a challenge to know what to do with my little ones while I’m working with my big ones. Veritas Press has come to my rescue with an extraordinary new program that will get my little ones reading with very little help from me: The Phonics Museum.
What Moms Want to Know:

Moms, I’m in the same boat as you. I know what you’re looking for. So let’s cut to the chase and get straight to the good stuff. 
What is it? The Phonics Museum is a self-paced online program that brings together all the elements of a complete phonics package into one hands-on curriculum. 
Who is it for? I have found this to be a perfect fit for my three, four, and five-year-olds. 
What is the cost? The program costs $9.99 a month or $99.00 per year. 
What does it do and is it worth the money? We can’t underestimate the value of a solid phonics foundation. But that takes time and effort – for our little ones and for us! That’s where the Phonics Museum steps in. It contains everything your child needs to learn to read. If you compare it to what you would spend on other curriculums with flashcards, workbooks, and readers, this is an incredible value. There are three ways I have found this program to be unique from other phonics programs and worth every penny.   
1. Thorough and Sequential
For me the greatest weakness of many online programs is their inability to build upon concepts at an appropriate rate for my kids. Veritas Phonics Museum solves this problem. The program is so thorough and well-paced I don’t have to worry about my kids zooming through it without truly learning. They master one concept before moving on to another.
To give you an idea of the pacing, here’s how the program is laid out: The kids move through different floors of the museum. Each floor has multiple levels, and each level has assignments to complete. There are over 900 activities, songs, teaching videos, and games within the program. My kids have been using this program for two weeks and they are still on the first floor. That’s because there is so much to do! The concepts are reinforced very strategically so the kids never get bored. They can’t skip levels or floors, but they can go back to any of the activities they have already completed for extra practice. My kids will use the program for the entire school year. How’s that for thorough?
2. Self-Paced and Independent

My favorite part of this program is the confidence I have knowing my kids are actually learning with very little help from me. It’s easy for them to manage their own time because each level has a specific beginning and end. Each level takes between 15-20 minutes. I love this time frame. It gives me flexibility to have them do just one lesson or several lessons.
The predictability of the program helps the kids become independent quickly. They know what’s coming next and what is expected of them. They memorize the songs quickly which helps them complete their assignments. This sure beats the old way of having a little one constantly coming up to me with a workbook asking what to do next.
3. Excellence in Education

Veritas understands how children learn. This program is not a jumble of games and songs that makes learning hit or miss. It is an actual curriculum. There is a real teacher showing the kids how to form their mouths when they say each new sound. Every video has a follow-up game so kids can practice what they just learned. This keeps kids engaged while ensuring long-term retention of what’s important.

How do I know this program is working for us? Because my kids are learning to read. My three-year-old is finally pairing the right sounds with the right letters. He feels like he’s doing school like a big boy. My four-year-old runs up to me and says, “Mom, I won a trophy!” He feels successful and motivated. The Phonics Museum is opening up the world of reading for my kids. It’s the launching pad they need to set their school career on the right course.
Check out more at Veritas Press! Have you tried the Phonics Museum? I’d love to hear what you think!

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