Your Best Week Ever

By Doug Thompson I stared at the headline: “Hardest, Saddest Week Ever.” The Surgeon General was warning Americans that we all need to brace ourselves emotionally for the equivalent of “Pearl Harbor,” and “9/11.” The week before Easter Sunday. I was struck by the irony: For Christians, this is a Holy Week. Last Sunday weContinue reading “Your Best Week Ever”

7 Things You Might Forget to do During Quarantine

Last month life as we knew it came to a screeching halt. As we all adjust to our “new normal” (which changes every day), it’s easy for things that were part of our old routine to fall through the cracks. But they are still important. Here are 7 things you might have forgotten to doContinue reading “7 Things You Might Forget to do During Quarantine”

Kids at Home: Survival Tips for Parents

The Coronavirus has created an unexpected situation for many parents: kids at home. It’s like summer break came early…but it didn’t. Kids and parents are both thrown into a situation they weren’t prepared for. As a stay-at-home homeschool mom of five, I want to pass along some tried and true survival tips. My boys’ agesContinue reading “Kids at Home: Survival Tips for Parents”

Top Gospel-Centered Resources for 2020

Are you frustrated trying to find gospel-centered parenting resources in the sea of “Christian” books and music? I’ve put together a list of 30 resources that point moms and kids back to the gospel. Click on the images to see more info! Books for Moms Bible Studies for Moms Poetry Books for Kids Music forContinue reading “Top Gospel-Centered Resources for 2020”

7 Lies Anxiety Wants Us to Believe

Anxiety disguises itself as the voice of reason. Just like Satan’s lie to Eve, anxiety calls into question God’s love while tempting us with promises of more knowledge and more control. (Genesis 3:1-5) Only truth from God’s word can help us fight such a crafty enemy. Let’s expose 7 specific lies of anxiety, and theContinue reading “7 Lies Anxiety Wants Us to Believe”